Stage Crew

The stage crew's mandate is to provide technical support in the areas of sound, lighting and staging for non-commercial users of Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe. The stage crew consists of a chief, the alternate chief, principal volunteers (experienced volunteers who have demonstrated an advanced degree of competence in an area) and members.

A new stage crew volunteer doesn't need previous experience in theatre. Volunteers are provided with the training they require to work efficiently, competently and safely. Safety is of prime consideration when working on stage and is emphasized in all training sessions.

All new volunteers are required to participate in a series of basic training sessions. The first, back stage 360, is a requirement before joining the crew. The other mandatory basic courses cover staging principles, introduction to lighting and introduction to audio. This qualifies the new volunteer to work as a stagehand. As one gains experience with the crew, he or she may wish to gain more specialized knowledge by participating in training sessions on advanced audio and lighting, followspot and rigging operation. The basic crew commitment is eight hours per month. However, the amount of time a volunteer actually works in a month is dependent on his or her interest and the shows, training and activities scheduled in a month.

Crew members are provided with appropriate refreshments (food and beverages) should they work a shift that extends over normal meal periods.

After meeting training standards, volunteers will initially work as assistants (lighting, audio, flys, etc.) or stagehands. Progression to operators or lead hands is dependent on the volunteer experience and level of training.

The crew operation positions are as follows:

Audio board operator:

  • responsible for all sound components of a production. Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe boasts one of the finest and most user-friendly systems available with state-of-the-art equipment;

  • operates the mixing board, tape recorders, amplifiers and processing equipment;

  • sets up and strikes microphones, speakers and intercom stations. 

Lighting board operator:

  • coordinates all lighting aspects using state-of-the-art gear;

  • operates the lighting control board during set-ups, rehearsals and performances;

  • supervises and assists in the hanging and focusing of lighting instruments;

  • programs computerized lighting board and chooses colours.

Fly operator:

  • in charge of the safe execution of the flying system;

  • opens main curtains and vertical set changes. 


  • provides production assistance;

  • assists with loading and unloading trucks;

  • assists with assembling and striking sets, risers, platforms and other furnishings;

  • assists with scenery changes during rehearsals and performances. 


  • provides assistance to fly, audio and light operators;

  • gets a close look at what an operator does to see if it's something he/she may want to do. 

To register for the Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe volunteer program , please go to or contact the coordinator of the volunteer program at 613-580-2424 x14148. Please note that we have a minimum age requirement of 16 for the creative resources and house crews and 18 for the stage crew. As well, we require a minimum commitment of 80 hours per season (September to June).